A German solution to climate change

Innovation.pngThe JUMBO BLOCK® System - a German Solution for Protection Against Floods and Water Scarcity in Times of Climate Change

The JUMBO BLOCK® System is an extremely stable and statically highly resilient solution for flood protection and the creation of retention areas. With the JUMBO BLOCK® System, municipalities, industrial and chemical areas, areas near bodies of water, port areas, airports, agricultural areas, vulnerable valleys and many other use cases can be protected and adapt to the new climatic conditions [1].

The JUMBO BLOCK® System is a modular concrete structure consisting of hollow blocks, panels, and geobuilding materials. The blocks have an edge length of 2.5 meters and a capacity of 13,900 liters of water, which corresponds to the content of 19 bathtubs per square meter for illustration purposes [2]. With a weight of more than 4 tons per block, the JUMBO BLOCK® System is also very robust and can withstand heavy loads [3].

The JUMBO BLOCK® System can be used for various use cases, such as flood protection, the creation of retention areas, land, city and population protection, and water storage [4] in times of drought and heavy rain [5]. The system is overbuilt and drivable and can therefore also serve as a basis for roads and buildings [6].

The JUMBO BLOCK® System bridges a gap between flood basins and conventional solutions for flood protection. It offers numerous advantages for flood protection and the creation of retention areas within and outside municipalities [7].

It contributes to the avoidance of surface sealing by being installed under already sealed areas. Retention under roads and the avoidance of surface sealing is possible in almost every municipality [8]. The JUMBO BLOCK® philosophy thus promotes open spaces that are natural or green, leading to a better urban climate.

The JUMBO BLOCK® System is very fast and easy to install, fully and easily recyclable, and even reusable undamaged. This saves the environment and massively reduces long-term costs. The easy dismantling and reusability also facilitate decisions for water storage with our system. This is especially true when new and different land uses cannot be ruled out in the future.

Overall, the JUMBO BLOCK® System offers a reliable and robust solution for flood protection, the creation of inner and outer urban retention areas, and rainwater storage. The JUMBO BLOCK® System is ideal for water storage as it does not pose any water hazard. Additionally, the microcosm of soil, animal, and plant life is not burdened. The JUMBO BLOCK® System considers environmental and nature protection as the basis for its product decisions [9].










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